Coding For Your Insurance

The codes used for surgical procedures help the hospitals and insurance companies to work out how much each procedure should be billed for.

You will need to ensure that the correct code is being used for your operation.

Commonly used codes for procedures carried out by knee specialists are included below:

Knee replacement W4210
Complex primary knee replacement W4200
Unicompartmental knee replacement W5200
Revision (or re-do) replacement W4230
Revision of knee replacement in 2 stages
1st stage W4240
2nd stage W4242

Menisectomy W8500
Chondroplasty (cartilage edge stabilisation) W8500
Microfracture W8500
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction W7420
Revision (re-do) anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction W7470
Repair of Meniscus W8230
Major release of muscle to treat contracture T8003
Arthroscopic lateral release W7492
Osteochondral grafting W3110
Cartilage biopsy for cartilage grafting procedure W89.2
Endoscopic autologous chondrocyte implantation of knee joint W85.3

Patella (Kneecap) stabilisation W7580
Repair of knee ligaments W8400
Reconstruction of posterolateral corner of knee W7490
Multiple ligamnet reconstruction of knee including posterior cruciate ligament W7410
Repair of patella or quadriceps tendon W7583
Osteochondral grafting W3110
Osteotomy of long bone with fixation W1080
Tibial osteotomy W1660
Open autologous chondrocyte implantation into articular structure W71.4

Autologous blood injection into tendon T74.6